NYC girl Julissia Batties’ funeral arrangements scheduled



A 7-year-old Brooklyn girl who was killed while visiting her mother’s apartment in August will finally be laid to rest.

A funeral and wake for Julissia Batties will be held Monday at John’s Funeral Home in East New York, her grieving family told The Post.

Mom Navasia Jones — who has been questioned by police about the homicide at her apartment — will be allowed to mourn her daughter for one hour at the funeral home, family members said.

The little girl will be buried in a pink casket wearing the white dress she picked out for a wedding she attended.

Julissia’s Aug. 10 death was ruled a homicide, but no arrests were made as her body sat in the morgue for months — and family members feuded over final arrangements for the child.

Her father, Julius Batties, went to identify the child’s remains through pictures on Friday with the girl’s grandmother, Yolanda Davis, she told The Post.

Julissia Batties with her father Julius Batties before her death.
Julissia Batties with her father Julius Batties before her death.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen her, it’s her, it’s Julissia,” Davis said. “It was horrible yesterday [Friday.]  I was so distraught. It was really sad.”

Batties said he cried when he saw pictures of her daughter as he identified her accompanied by his mother.

“I did,” he said, when asked if he cried. “And, I told her that I was sorry for what happened to her.”

Julius Batties 37 years old, at the Memorial for his daughter, at 175 Alexander Avenue in the Bronx, NY. He is the Father of 7year old Julissia Batties who died on Tuesday, allegedly by an older Sibling.
Julius Batties at the memorial for his daughter at 175 Alexander Avenue in the Bronx in August.
Brigitte Stelzer

Batties said he’ll tell his 2-year-old son, Jayceon, “everything I loved about her … her name and face will be the light of my life every step I take. She will never be forgotten.”

Davis said she and her son were in a drawn-out custody battle of Julissia before her death, and were incensed that they had to continue to battle for custody of her remains.

“I had to fight. I fought so hard for her. I didn’t get her but in a way we gained because she [her mother] thought she was going to get her body and cremate her. That didn’t happen. We gained because we got her.”

Yolanda Davis, (pictured, with a certificate that Julissia earned) was the grandmother of 7 year old Julissia Batties, who was found dead in the Bronx on Tuesday.
Yolanda Davis said she was “so distraught” when identifying the remains of her granddaughter.
Gregory P. Mango

Julissia’s 17-year-old half-brother — who allegedly admitted he punched her eight times in the face prior to her death — has been interrogated by detectives.

Hours later, the would-be second grader started throwing up and passed out, prompting the 35-year-old mom to call 911.


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