NYC firebrand Heshy Tischler pleads guilty to inciting mob to attack reporter



Brooklyn’s loudest right-wing radio host and City Council candidate Heshy Tischler has pleaded guilty to charges that he egged on a mob to attack a reporter during an anti-lockdown protest last year.

Tischler was sentenced to 10 days of community service after copping to a misdemeanor charge Friday of “inciting a riot” that led to protesters attacking journalist Jacob Kornbluh in Borough Park on Oct, 7, Brooklyn DA spokesman Oren Yaniv told The Post Saturday.

Tischler will reportedly work several hours at a food bank in Brooklyn.

Kornbluh, an Orthodox Jew was punched and kicked by an angry crowd who screamed at him, calling him “Nazi” and “Hitler” amid protests over the state’s new coronavirus restrictions. The unruly protesters appeared to be encouraged by Tischler.

Protesters then showed up outside Kornbluh’s home shouting “No Heshy, No Peace” after Tischler was arrested.

It was reported at the time that Tischler, who is also Orthodox, encouraged the attack on Kornbluh after some in the community were upset about the journalist’s reporting on the anti-lockdown protests.


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