NYC armed robber fire off a round in Bronx barbershop



Surveillance video captured the moment a gun-wielding robber fired a shot into the ceiling of a Bronx barbershop during a stickup that netted the trigger-happy thief $10,000 cash.

The suspect, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, whipped out a handgun during the Nov. 6 robbery on East Tremont Avenue near Vyse Avenue in West Farms, according to footage released by police Monday.

He then trained the gun on employees and customers at the shop before pointing it at the ceiling in the back corner of the shop and squeezing off a round, the video shows.

The suspect demanded a bracelet and chain that an employee had advertised for sale online at the price of $13,000, according to cops.

The worker refused to hand over the jewels, but another employee forked over an envelope full of $10,000 in cash to the robber, police said.

The suspect sped away on a moped after the stickup and has not been caught. No one was injured in the robbery, police said.


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