Nvidia says its AI can fix some of the biggest problems in video calls

Nvidia says its AI can fix some of the biggest problems in video calls

Nvidia has introduced a new video calling platform known as Nvidia Maxine for the developers which it claims will be able to fix a few common issues in videoconferencing.

Maxine would process the calls in cloud with the help of Nvidia’s GPUs as well as enhance the call quality in a few ways using AI (artificial Intelligence). With the help of AI, Maxine could realign the faces as well as gazes of the callers so that they are looking directly at the camera, thus reducing the bandwidth requirement and upscaling the video resolution. The other features in Maxine would include real-time translation, animated avatars and face-relighting.

Not all the features are brand new, though. Real-transcription and video compression are common features while Apple and Microsoft have used gaze-alignment in FaceTime and Surface Pro X to make sure people maintain eye contact while on a video call.

However, Nvidia is undoubtedly expecting that its latest AI and cloud computing would help the company stay ahead of its competitors. However, the real test will be seeing if any other renowned videoconferencing firms really adopt the new technology introduced by Nvidia. Maxine isn’t a consumer videoconferencing platform but is a toolkit meant for the 3rd-party companies to enhance their software.