NFL Analyst Suggest Jerry Jones Should Fire Cowboys’ Head Coach Mike McCarthy

NFL Analyst Suggest Jerry Jones Should Fire Cowboys' Head Coach Mike McCarthy

The Dallas Cowboys put in another disappointing performance against the Washington Football Team this time around. The Thanksgiving Day game turned into a nightmare for the Cowboys as they got blown out 41-16.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy was heavily criticized for his tactical decisions during the game. Many analysts believe that McCarthy’s unfounded tactics cost the Cowboys the game.

The Cowboys are 3-8 this season, and many are wondering whether McCarthy will lose his job. ESPN’s Stephen A Smith spoke about whether the Cowboys should let McCarthy go.

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy pictured against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10.
Nov 8, 2020; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore look at the playbook in the fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

“Jerry Jones needs to replace him. It doesn’t have to be this second, even though that wouldn’t bother me either. It’s hard for me to say this because I take no enjoyment out of it and I think that Mike McCarthy is a guy that is qualified, more so than a lot of the other coaches in the NFL to be a Head Coach. Just not of this particular football team.” 

Smith pointed out the problems in McCarthy’s tactics, citing examples of conflict between him and owner Jerry Jones.

“When you have a situation where Jerry Jones is encouraging you to keep the offensive coordinator who hasn’t been bad, but some of the decisions have been questionable.

“Even last year when Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t getting the ball and Amari Cooper was taken out of key plays of the game, and he’s on the sideline – that’s problematic.”

Smith talks Mike McCarthy and his tactics

Stephen A. Smith also pointed out the flaw in the tactics that were employed during the Cowboys’ game against Washington. He said, “But I recall yesterday, Ezekiel Elliott asked out of a play.

“There was another sequence where they had a fourth-down scenario, and Mike McCarthy calls a pass play instead of a running play…”

Smith also talked about the problematic nature of McCarthy’s off-field motivational tactics, including the controversial watermelon incident.

“When you look at stuff like that that’s transpiring and then you combine that with the guys calling out the coaches earlier on the season…

“When you’re bringing in watermelons to crush them just a week ago. To give an indication of how a defense should play and that your methodology in order to encourage brothers to come out and play with a bit more fervor and energy for you, that’s a huge question mark.”

The Cowboys could replace Mike McCarthy right now or before the end of the season. As things stand, they are unlikely to make the Playoffs, so they could replace him soon enough to offer their new coach a head start for the new season.

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