NFL Analyst Reveals Surprising Head Coach Candidate For Detroit Lions

NFL Analyst Reveals Surprising Head Coach Candidate For Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have made a significant change to their team. They recently relieved Head Coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn of their duties.

After another poor start to the NFL season, the Lions ownership decided it was time for a change. The Lions are 4-7 this season and could run this risk of missing the Playoffs this year.

So the Lions’ ownership chose to let them go in order to move in a new direction with their team. NFL analyst Peter Schrager talked about the decision to let the pair go from the Lions organization.

Detroit Lions
Nov 15, 2020; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) passes the ball against the Washington Football Team during the fourth quarter at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

“Yesterday we got the news that the Lions would be letting both Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn. And everyone is talking about the new offensive mastermind that’s going to come in to Detroit and be their next head coach.” 

Schrager revealed that Robert Saleh of the 49ers is one of the prime candidates to take the Detroit Lions’ Head Coach job. “Let me bring up another name that’s going to get a lot of heat around Detroit.

“That’s Robert Saleh, the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.” 

Schrager talks Robert Saleh to Detroit Lions

Schrager revealed that Saleh has genuine connections in the state of Michigan, giving a rundown of his career. “Saleh has some real roots in the state of Michigan, he was born and raised in Dearborn – two miles away from the facility.

“He grew up idolizing Barry Sanders. Played at Northern Michigan University. Went to Michigan State for a master’s degree, also coached at Michigan State and his family all still there.”

Schrager also spoke about the ethnic connection that he has in the city of Detroit, pointing out his origins in the Middle East.

“He’s also Lebanese, he’s the son of two folks from Lebanon, and that is the largest Middle Eastern population outside of the Middle East is in those Detroit suburbs. Robert Saleh could be a very popular pick in Detroit.”

It will be interesting to see if the Detroit Lions choose to go in the direction of Saleh. He could be an interesting choice to help take the Detroit Lions back to prominence.

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