New trailer drops for Netflix Kanye documentary ‘Jeen-Yuhs’



“They doing a documentary on me right here.”

So said an elated-sounding, decades-younger Kanye West in a new trailer for the upcoming Kanye West docuseries, set to premiere on Feb. 16.

“Me and Fest got into argument, God I feel like he disrespected me, man. Say I wasn’t a genius yet,” said West in the brief official teaser. “But who are you to call yourself a genius,” Rhymefest asked. Kanye then smiles at the camera.

The teaser, which dropped Monday, offers a little over a minute of footage from the “three-week global event” of a documentary which has been “over 21 years in the making,” the promotional material hypes.

The doc, “Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy” promises to “Step inside the journey of Kanye West” through the stockpile of footage directors Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah — also known as Coodie & Chike — have been acquiring of the rapper and entrepreneur over the past two decades.

Previous sneak peeks of the much-hyped, behind-the-scenes look into the 44-year-old’s career have included clips of West hanging out with Mos Def and producing his 2004 debut album, “College Dropout.”

Although the freshly-divorced billionaire was not creatively involved in the film’s creation, it is much anticipated for the filmmakers’ enviable, years-worth of access. West is said to have given Coodie & Chike implied consent for them to move forward with the project simply by way of granting them access to his life for the past nearly half of it.

kanye netflix teaser trailer feb 16
The documentary is over two decades in the making.

Netflix reportedly shelled out $30 million for the doc, and ahead of it even having a title.

Meanwhile, the hip-hop star has recently been making more headlines for his love life than his career as he very publicly dates “Uncut Gems” actress Julia Fox amid the fallout of his breakup from Kim Kardashian. His exuberant, “love-bombing”-based courting methods have been called toxic by countless observers.


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