New Council bill adds 2 days of parking relief after snowstorms



A Brooklyn lawmaker wants to keep cars off the road after heavy snowstorms by letting drivers stay put rather than search for a parking spot.

Councilman Kalman Yeger, a Democrat representing Borough Park, introduced a bill Thursday that would suspend alternate side of the street parking regulations for an additional two days after snow storms bad enough for the city to suspend street sweeping.

The goal of the bill – which would also suspend enforcement of parking meter and muni-meter rules — is to keep cars off slippery roads by eliminating the need for drivers to move their cars, Yeger said.

Similar legislation introduced by previous City Councils have failed.

Yeger said the city previously refused to back such changes because it wanted to keep parking spots open and free-flowing in metered business districts.

Parking violation ticket on snow covered car windshield.
The bill would also suspend enforcement of parking meter and muni-meter rules.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

That stance is now moot because the city, over the past two years, has allowed plenty of parking spaces to be taken over by dining sheds.


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