Nearly 100 Apple stores shut again, including all California stores

Nearly 100 Apple stores shut again, including all California stores

This weekend, Apple closed all its stores located in California, including the ones in San Francisco Bay Area, post the company started to close stores in LA on Friday.

All the retail California locations have notified their customers that the shops are closed temporarily, though a few are permitting order pickups as well as genius bar appointments till 22 December. There is no information on when the Apple stores will be reopening; however, they will stay shut through the holiday season. 

The iPhone maker has closed stores in California due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the state and the stores in the other locations worldwide are also shut at the moment. As per 9to5Mac, there are almost 100 Apple Stores which are non-operational presently. 

The stores in Tennessee had been shuttered this weekend while the stores located under the Tier 4 restrictions in the UK are closing as well. Last week, 18 stores had closed in Netherlands and Germany and the stores in Brazil and Mexico are shutting this weekend.

In majority of the stores that are open still in the US, the iPhone giant is operating under limited ‘Express’ capacity, letting pickups as well as genius bar appointment but not in-store browsing or shopping.


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