Mystery of giant Miami disco ball solved



A massive disco ball had cops scratching their heads during Art Week Miami and Art Basel this weekend when the party decor was found seemingly abandoned on the streets of the hip Wynwood neighborhood.

“If you are missing a 4-foot mirror ball in @WynwoodMiami, contact a @MiamiPD officer so you can pick it up,” Commander Dan Kerr tweeted. “I have NO idea what I’m going to do with this thing.”

He added, “Mirrorball < Cristobal,” referencing the University of Miami’s new football coach, Mario Cristobal.

Kerr’s followers certainly had some ideas on how to use the glittering orb.

“If you’ll mail it to Michigan, I’ll find a very absurd use for it that will bring whimsy to at least dozens,” said one.

“Dude, throw a dance party!” said another.

Others were more selfless: “Do a 80s charity fundraiser for a local shelter or food bank. You have the decor!” Another commenter chimed in that it would look great at a local homeless shelter, Camillus House. “It will cheer people up!”

“Hang it in the dais at @CityofMiami City Hall,” was another suggestion.

Another pointed out: “It’s Wynwood, just leave it there. It’ll fit in.”

The area is known for its art, with Wynwood Walls, an outdoor museum of sorts, showing off graffiti.

Turns out, though, the ball wasn’t lost. A rep for the Miami PD tells us “It was being loaded out after an event. Someone thought it was abandoned. The owner retrieved it.”

Too bad: It would have looked great in the Page Six office.


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