Mobility in the EU for working citizens


In a Europe that is growing closer and closer together, mobility is a big issue. Working people have a whole range of possibilities to move from one point to the next. The abolition of state monopolies and the associated entry of competition as well as the development of new technologies is in the process of revolutionizing transport in the world and Europe. But what are the main modes of transport in the European economy?

Automobility – new services complement the offer

Those who prefer to get around by car have many options. For someone who is on the road a lot and often changes location, having your own car is not worthwhile. Even for regular commuters there are now alternatives that can be found and organized more easily through the Internet. Car sharing, carpooling and car pooling are options that have become very popular thanks to the Internet and related services and apps.

Train and bus transport

For those who work, only the high-speed trains are usually of interest. These include the German ICE, the French TGV, Thalys and the British Eurostar. Together they cover the entire metropolitan area in Europe. But there are also high-speed trains in southern, eastern and northern Europe. This traffic is supplemented by regional trains and increasingly also by buses. Private companies are increasingly competing with public companies. For most of them, however, they are of only marginal importance. Air traffic plays a bigger role here.

Air traffic in Europe

Strong growth figures are also expected for air traffic in the future. Although the strong CO2 emissions and their contribution to climate change speak against the use of airports, they remain the fastest option even for some routes within Germany. In the future, politics could therefore restrict the use of short-haul flights with taxes and charges. Of course, you must not only consider the flight time here, but also the journey into the city. Many airports are located relatively far from the city center.

Are you looking for a more international flair in your professional life?

As Europe is also growing together economically, there are more and more jobs that require you to work across borders in different locations. European cooperation affects all sectors and areas of our economy. If you too would like to work more abroad, you can search for new jobs on Jobsora to reorient yourself.