MMA fans left horrified by inter-gender fight



An inter-gender MMA fight left fans horrified after the bout was stopped when the male fighter connected multiple strikes to his female opponent’s head.

The fight, which was held in Poland by promotion MMA-VIP at the weekend, saw fitness instructor and arm wrestler Ula Siekacz take on beauty brand ambassador Piotr Lisowski. The bout was heavily criticised by supporters after a video went viral.

It shows Lisowski land two punches before Siekacz attempts a takedown. The move goes wrong and Lisowski secures mount position to finish the fight in Round 2 with several blows to the head.

Several fans shared their disgust on social media that the fight was allowed to go ahead.

One wrote “this is absurd”, another asked “how is this sanctioned? This is horrific,” and a third said “f*** everyone who took part in this”.

Another wrote: “This is not MMA.”

The fight was not the only inter-gender bout on the card as Michal Przybylowicz defeated Wiktoria Domżalska.


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