Minus a pick, Nets still have reason to prepare for draft



For the moment, the Nets will enter next week without a single selection in Thursday’s NBA Draft, a result of the team’s decision to defer the first-round pick they received from Philadelphia in the James Harden deal to next year.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve punted entirely on the draft, which will be held in their own building no less. Just the opposite.

The job is still to acquire talent, by any means necessary. And getting draft-caliber players with no draft picks requires not just luck, but groundwork and preparation.

“So we don’t have a pick right now,” Brooklyn assistant general manager Jeff Peterson said on the second episode of Chris Carrino’s Voice of the Nets podcast. “So it’s all about how you prioritize and spend your time. We’re not going to spend a ton of time on the top of the draft right now because we don’t have a way to get there.


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