Mike Tyson Says “Pretty Girl and Rolls Royce” Did Not Make Him Happy Anymore

Mike Tyson Says

Mike Tyson is one of the most famous athletes in sports. Despite being retired from the sport for around 15 years now, he is still regarded as one of the best boxers to have ever stepped foot into the squared circle. Often imitated and but never duplicated, Tyson is truly a once in a lifetime athlete. 

During his career, ‘Iron’ was widely regarded as one of the scariest knockout artists in the sport’s history. However, despite his achievements inside the ring, it was always his transgressions outside the ring that people associated him with more than his sporting achievements. 

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Mike Tyson speaks on how life beat him into submission 

In an interview, Ariel Helwani asked Mike Tyson why he did not like his past self. ‘Iron’ replied, “Well, that was all about making me happy. The pretty girl and the Rolls Royce and the new house that did not make me happy anymore. So I said I can do this and I can help people. We can open up grand food charities and we can do things to improve humanity.”

When asked if he liked the new version of himself Tyson said, “Big time 100%. Because it is not all about Mike. Before it was all about me and my feelings and it had to be me. Sometimes the party is cool without you. I truly worked on liberating myself from myself. 

Tyson has been in the spotlight since he was 20. He is a poster child for athletes who could not handle the fame and money thrown at them at a very young age.

Over the course of his career, he made several decisions that tarnished his legacy and what he had done inside the ring. However, it is nice to see that ‘Iron’ seems to have his life back on track. 

Mike Tyson in the ring
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – JULY 21: Mike Tyson stands in the ring during the fight with Carl Williams at the Convention Center on July 21, 1989 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tyson defeated Williams in the fifth round with a TKO. (Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

When asked about how he got his life back on track, the former champion said, “As I tell everybody, Life just beat me up. I was beaten into submission by life, I did not find god and become humble. I just lost the fight big time.”

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