Mike Tyson Says Jerry Rice Inspired Him To Return To Boxing

Mike Tyson Says Jerry Rice Inspired Him To Return To Boxing

Mike Tyson last fought in June 2005 against Kevin McBride. He retired on the back off a two-fight losing streak and stated that he did not have a passion for the sport anymore. However, 15 years on from his last fight, Tyson is set to make a spectacular comeback against Roy Jones Jr this weekend in an exhibition match. 

The fight between the two men was something that no one saw coming at the start of 2020. Tyson had been retired and had never hinted at a comeback. However, in Jones Jr he has found the perfect opponent and time to mark his return to the ring. 

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Mike Tyson reveals why he decided to come back 

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Tyson revealed why he decided to come back. He said, “I was looking at this show and it was about Jerry Rice. He was four something and then I guess he was a five something. And just because he was a couple of seconds slower, he can’t play football no more. I thought that was ridiculous.”

Iron’ continued, “Cause I know now that we live in the era of Instagram, there is more people on Instagram that would like to see him play rather than the person who is playing his position now…. It’s all about numbers now. It’s all about what the people want to see. You think people wanna stop seeing him just because he is two or three seconds slower? No.”

The rules for Tyson’s upcoming fight will be a lot different from the last time he fought. For instance, he will be fighting two-minute rounds against Jones Jr as opposed to the three-minute rounds he is used to. Furthermore, he will be wearing bigger gloves to reduce the impact of the punches.

The two men were supposed to fight with headgear; however, the rule has been changed after both men opposed it. Tyson who has built his reputation for being one of the scariest knockout artists in the history of the sport will not be allowed to use his full power as knockouts are prohibited. 

Despite this, fans would be thankful to Jerry Rice for unknowingly being the catalyst to draw ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ back to the squared circle.