Michael Strahan offers pointed criticism at Detroit players conduct after the Lions’ ugly Week 8 loss



After the Detroit Lions put the loyal fans through a truly dreadful experience in the 44-6 loss to the visiting Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the FOX Sports postgame show provided some perspective on the ghastly loss. And it came from a man who terrorized the Eagles in the NFC East for a long time, former Giants sack master Michael Strahan.

After Hall-of-Fame head coach Jimmy Johnson talked about how hard it is to break a “culture of losing” from his experience with the Dallas Cowboys, another Hall of Fame member offered one way how to snap the mentality. Strahan pointedly called out Lions head coach Dan Campbell for what did–and did not–happen after the game.

“You are on the field in the end zone, a whole group of players, and they’re swapping jerseys and taking pictures,” Strahan explained. “I was not happy to lose. Who is happy to lose? I don’t care, you should never (tails off) — do it at the bus. Do it away. Don’t do it on the field where you just got beat 44-6 and I’m in the locker room as a coach waiting on my players to get in there to address the team, and I’m waiting for you to exchange jerseys with another guy on the team that just whipped you?”

Another Hall of Fame member of the broadcast, Terry Bradshaw, then offered this after the incredulously upset Strahan finished.

“It’s like it doesn’t bother them (to lose),” Bradshaw said.

It’s a valid point from Strahan and the FOX Sports crew who largely backed up what he had to say. Several Lions exchanged pleasantries with the Eagles despite the truly unacceptable effort during the game. That’s not something that Campbell can be happy with or allow to proliferate after such an embarrassing game.


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