Meghan and Harry should quit whining instead of complaining to Oprah



Settling down in front of the TV Sunday night, I’ll be playing a drinking game with virtual pals during the much-hyped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“Tabloids.” Shot! “Nightmare.” Shot! “Queen and abuse.” Shot and shot!

Trouble is, as the former royals bemoan their lot, it’ll take less than 10 minutes to slide off the sofa drunk.

Judging from the trailers CBS has released of the two-hour special — set to a movie-like soundtrack of soaring violins — the clap-trap uttered by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is just another ridiculous pity party.

Pass the sick bucket. Meghan’s complaints about Buckingham Palace expecting them to stay “silent,” that the Windsors “perpetuated falsehoods about her and Harry” and other assorted bleatings make me queasy already.

What did Meghan Markle expect by marrying into the British royal family, the ultimate gilded cage? Her main complaint seems to be that she couldn’t get everything that was offered — the money, the houses, the title — and continue to do whatever she wanted, with no responsibilities.

Meghan Markle during her interview with Oprah, due to be aired March 7.
Meghan Markle during her interview with Oprah, due to be aired March 7.

It’s a bit rich in these terrible times — when people are dying of COVID-19 and others face financial ruin — that these pampered narcissists think it is okay to gripe over perceived slights from the comfort of their $14.65 million mansion in California.

If you’ve lost a loved one to the virus, your job is in jeopardy or your kids are being denied an education, you’re going to feel a whole lot better listening to the plight of a perfectly-coiffed actress in a $4,700 dress and a sulky-looking blueblood with a wild-child past.

Then there’s the slick PR machine that Hazza and Megs have employed as their crisis management team. Faced this week with bullying accusations during her lengthy period as a working royal — some 682 days — flacks said the duchess was “saddened by this latest attack on her character.”

Oprah Winfrey during her interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Oprah Winfrey during her interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

They added that, having been the target of bullying herself, she is “deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma.”

Well, listen up, Buttercup! As your grandfather-in-law, Prince Philip, 99, recovers from heart surgery in London while the rest of the world hurts because of the pandemic, it’s time to shut that flap.

Harry and Meghan say they left the royal family because they had so much to offer the world, so much they could say. But apparently all they have to talk about is themselves.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex listen as Oprah asks them a question during their upcoming interview
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their upcoming interview with Oprah.AP


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