Meet baseball prospect Carsten Sabathia, son of CC and Amber



LYNDHURST, N.J. — Riverside County Park is quiet. It’s supposed to be. It’s a weekday afternoon. The pushing of strollers and pulling of leashes dominate the paved pathway beside the Passaic River.

The line of people stretching behind the third-base dugout of Breslin Fields hints the silence won’t last long.

It is Senior Day for Bergen Catholic’s baseball team. It is the penultimate home game of an era that felt as if it would never end.

Carsten Sabathia waits patiently as stadium-style announcements are made for each senior. Slowly, he shuffles closer and closer to fair territory, sandwiched by his father, CC, and mother, Amber, sporting Crusaders gear. Carsten’s turn arrives — “Heading to the Georgia Institute of Technology, first baseman….” — and the proud parents accompany their first-born child onto the field. They take pictures. Then, the three of them — a former Cy Young Award winner, current MLB agent and promising pro prospect move aside to make room for the next family.


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