“Matt Rhule not all the way in on the NFL”



A new potential candidate for the LSU head coaching position has emerged.

Joel Klatt of Fox Sports said that earlier today on ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ he has been told that current Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule “may not be all the way in on the NFL moving forward,” and that “he may want to come back down to the college level.”

Another name to add to the list of candidates.

Right now, Mel Tucker, James Franklin, Luke Fickell, and Lane Kiffin are the highlighted names that LSU is looking at according to the media. Rhule would be another strong name to add to that list.

Matt Rhule coached at Temple (28-23 record), and Baylor (19-20 record) before being hired by the Carolina Panthers in 2020. He is currently 8-15 with the Panthers.

What Rhule did so well at the two college programs he stopped by was build them up. Temple went 2-10 in his first season. In his last, 10-3. Baylor was 1-11 in his first year with the Bears. In his last, 11-3.

There would not need to be a drastic rebuilding done with LSU, but Rhule could certainly elevate the program back to where it was just a few seasons ago.


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