Maria Sharapova Opens up About the Cherishable Moments From Her Tennis Career

Maria Sharapova Opens up About the Cherishable Moments From Her Tennis Career

In the rich history of tennis, only ten WTA players have achieved a career Grand Slam. Moreover, Maria Sharapova was the last player to complete the career Grand Slam. The Russian has been one of the most influential players this century. Surely, all the success was a fruit of years of hard work and determination.

Recently on The Porsche Podcast, Sharapova spoke in detail about what she thinks of her illustrious tennis career. Speaking on passion, Sharapova was set on becoming a better tennis player each day.

“I was very fortunate that I found my true passion from a very young age, and I found myself to be in a very fortunate spot where I loved what I was doing from a very young age, I loved waking up in the morning and becoming a better tennis player. And I didn’t exactly know what success was.”

Maria Sharapova on making improvements in her career

Taking the small steps and making small improvements was key, according to Sharapova. The small improvement makes a huge deal later on in one’s career and this work ethic and passion is what made Sharapova a champion.

“I realized that the more I did something, the better that I become. And that was, it might seem boring, in hindsight, but that was really the work ethic that I enjoyed. So I loved I had this passion of becoming the best of becoming a champion.”

Furthermore, Sharapova revealed that she made it a practice to enjoy the smaller moments in her career. And despite winning so much, it is the smaller moments that Sharapova cherishes the most.

“I knew that if I held the trophy over my head that that could be a good feeling. And so I carried that throughout many years. But I really enjoyed and loved the smaller moments the moments of training the moments with my father on the court.

“Those moments when we speak about a professional career, they kind of go unnoticed. But those are, those are those cherished moments that I always think of.”

Maria Sharapova Smiling
Maria Sharapova poses for the media as she is unveiled as car manufacturer Porsche’s new brand ambassador. (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images)

Maria Sharapova is an icon of the sport. The later part of her career was infused with injury troubles and the doping ban but still, she has had her moments of brilliance in the past. She only recently retired at the 2020 Australian Open after a string of poor performances.

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