Man leaps from truck as moving van plows into vehicles: video


A man working outside a Massachusetts home jumped out of the way of an out-of-control truck — just before it plowed into two vehicles, heart-stopping new video shows.

A security camera at a Medford residence caught the man’s life-saving leap from the back of a pickup truck as he unloaded concrete mix on Saturday.

A yellow Penske moving van then slammed into two vehicles as the worker narrowly escaped being hit, the clip shows.

The cat-quick worker, Marcelo Alves, told WCVB he saw the moving truck hit a curb prior to the collision, but didn’t expect to have to jump to safety until his coworkers yelled out.

The driver of the Penske truck had tried to make a U-turn when the vehicle got stuck, Medford fire officials told the station.

The Penske driver then lost control as he stepped on the gas while trying to break free, WCVB reported.

“We happened to see the truck losing control and we were able to yell to Marcelo,” Jorge Gomes, who owns the company that employs Alves, told the station. “We told him, ‘Get off!’

The moving truck was moving at a “good speed,” Gomes said, giving the Portuguese-speaking Alves just “fractions of a second” to react.

Gomes said he’s “still in shock” after watching the footage several times, thinking of how the incident “could have been way more serious.”

One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries following the crash, Medford’s firefighters’ union tweeted Saturday.

The driver of the Penske truck, who reportedly struck a gas station canopy prior to Saturday’s crash, has since fully recovered, Medford fire officials told WCVB.