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Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay
Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay
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The clock springs ahead. Warmer weather and spring is in the air. Yet football never stops. With negotiations underway for free agents in the NFL, the Jets should be busy, considering they have the second-most amount of money to spend in the league. Do they get a few big names? Do they get guys on the second and third tier of free agency? Can they go get Deshaun Watson?

To answer all these questions, me and Brian Costello have returned with a new episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast in a special free agency edition of the show.

Gang’s All Here Podcast with Jake & Coz:

  • DESHAUN WATSON: Can the Jets trade for Deshaun Watson? Will the Texans budge and move him? What would it take to get Watson? It’s a no brainer for Joe Douglas to trade for a franchise QB, especially one that is just 25 years old with the talent that Watson has. He was carrying a bad Texans offense last season.
  • SAM DARNOLD: Will the Jets trade Darnold for draft picks? What could the Jets realistically get in a trade for Darnold? It’s fascinating the amount of Jets fans who are in favor of wanting Darnold to start another year.
  • CAP SPACE: $69.2 million in cap space. Any more guys on the Jets that could become cap casualties? What is the realistic money they have to spend when putting draft picks and other money to the side? Will the Jets brass be more aggressive on signing a few of the top-tier free agents? It’s a Noah’s Ark offseason for the Jets. They need two of everything. Also, what happens with Marcus Maye after getting franchise tagged by the Jets?
  • WR TARGETS: Marvin Jones, Corey Davis, Will Fuller, JuJu Smith-Schuster. Kenny Golladay could end up being an overpay.
  • EDGE RUSHER: Coz thinks they end up signing Yannick Ngakoue. Need to get a running back. Tevin Coleman? First-round pick?
  • TIGHT END: Coz says it’s not a priority and to roll the dice with Chris Herndon and maybe draft a tight end, not spend big.



  • BYE BYE ALLEN ROBINSON: He was liking tweets about him coming to Jets and then Bears give him franchise tag. Coz thinks us “millennials” are crazy looking to deep into liking tweets. “Gen-z” or “millennial,” what am I at 30?
  • SALEH’S GUYS: Coach Saleh having a few of his guys with former 49ers. Would Jets sign Richard Sherman? Kerry Hyder? Would a veteran like Sherman come to a team that is not anywhere near ready for a championship?
  • CAM NEWTON: What are Patriots doing re-signing him? Is he actually going to be their starting QB next season or do they draft a QB? Why do so many 49ers fans not like Jimmy Garoppolo or want him as their QB?
  • TOM BRADY’S EXTENSION: Bucs give Brady a one-year contract extension. How many more years will Brady play? The love-hate relationship people have for Brady. Seeing him drunk at the parade was a likable moment for him. Imagine Brady in a Jets uniform at 50 years old, leading them to a Super Bowl title?
  • CJ MOSLEY: He is likely back next season after opting out of the 2020 season. If the 2018 Mosley returns, the Jets defense gets a big boost. He’s under contract four more years. Looking back to Mosley’s tremendous three quarters in Week 1 with the Jets in 2019 against the Bills, only to essentially not be seen from again.

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