LI cooks find gumball-size pearl while shucking clams for chowder

LI cooks find gumball-size pearl while shucking clams for chowder

Shuck yeah!

Cooks at a seafood market in Montauk discovered a gumball-size pearl while shucking clams — and it will soon be up for grabs, according to a report.

The jumbo jewel — which has an iridescent purple and gray shine —  was spotted while workers were prepping a batch of clam chowder at Gosman’s Fish Market on Nov. 13, according to the East Hampton Star.

“It didn’t look real,” Bryan Gosman, who co-owns the seafood shop, told the paper. “Usually [pearls are] the size of your pinky nail or something like that, but this looked like a plastic knob.”

The 20-millimeter pearl was roughly twice the size of ones he’d seen on necklaces, so he assumed someone was pranking him, he said.

But local jewelry store owner Rebekah Harris soon confirmed it was the real deal — and is the biggest pearl she’s seen outside of a museum, the paper reported.

“Even in the diamond district, if you get pearls, they’re not that size,” Harris, who owns Shipwreck jewelry in Montauk, told the East Hampton Star. “The shape is beautiful.”

She plans to take the rare treasure to the Gemological Institute of America in Manhattan to have it evaluated for Gosman — who said he’ll auction the pearl off at a fundraiser for the Montauk Food Pantry in coming weeks.

“What is it really worth? I don’t know,” he told the paper. “It’s not about the money — it’s just kind of cool.”

In 2018, a man dining at Grand Central Oyster Bar in Manhattan found a smaller pearl in an oyster that was valued at up to $4,000.