LG to launch its first ever rollable phone in 2021

LG to launch its first ever rollable phone in 2021

After teasing its first ever rollable phone at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) a day ago, LG has now confirmed that it’s a real phone that will make a debut this year. The upcoming LG Rollable smartphone has a distinct ‘resizable screen’ that the company claims transforms from a smartphone into a tablet display. For providing a larger screen size, the screen can slide in & out.

In statement, a spokesperson for LG told Nikkei that the company’s management wanted to display that it’s a real device as several rumors revolved around the new rollable smartphone. As the phone was teased at CES this year, it can be said that the device will be released this year, the spokesperson added. 

Nikkei further reports that the company is working along with BOE Technology Group in China on the latest rollable screen tech. LG hasn’t confirmed details on what display technology the upcoming Rollable device is utilizing or if there would be varied display sizes available.

LG first began working on Rollable while it worked on its Explorer Project experiments. It has utilized this project for the launch of its earlier LG Wing phone that came with two OLED displays and a rotating design.