Letters to the Editor — March 6, 2021



The Issue: Gov. Cuomo’s acknowledgment of sexual-harassment claims against him from three women.

In his press conference where he addressed the sexual-harassment allegations, Gov. Cuomo seems to have adopted former President Bill Clinton’s “I never had sex with that woman” approach with his equally ill-advised statement (“ ‘I never touched anyone inappropriately,’ ” March 4).

The Post’s front-page photo appears to clearly contradict that statement, as the governor has a vice-like grip on the throat of a horrified-looking Anna Ruch.

Former aide Charlotte Bennett also contradicts his statement that he was unaware that his behavior was causing discomfort, since she filed a formal complaint with top administration officials.

In retrospect, he probably should have listened to the lawyers who advised against discussing it.

Anthony Scro

Cuomo is a lawyer and was the state attorney general.

In addition, sexual-harassment laws and mandated training have been in place for decades.

For him to claim ignorance about his actions is unfathomable. If anything, his comments reveal that he is definitely unfit as a leader.

Jim Glaab

Cuomo’s “apology,” if you can call it that, was an Emmy-winning performance.

The cracking voice, the manufactured tears and the absurd claim that he didn’t realize his actions would be taken the way they were by the women who were the recipients of his disgusting behavior was nothing more than political theater.

The bigger apology needs to be made to the family members who lost their loved ones as a result of his heinous nursing-home decision. That apology should be made when he announces that he is resigning as governor.

Robert DiNardo

It’s about time Cuomo gets his just deserts.

While these sexual-harassment allegations are very serious, please do not forget about the thousands of nursing-home deaths. I don’t trust the feds to investigate the “king.”

Thank you to The Post and Bernadette Hogan for keeping his feet to the fire.

Mary Harkins

The expression on Ruch’s face as Cuomo grabbed her head in both his hands suggests that she thought of him as something other than “a cool dude in a loose mood,” as he has described himself.

He claimed: “Sometimes I think I am being playful. I never inappropriately touched anybody, and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable.” But one look at Ruch’s reaction makes it unmistakably clear that she felt he was inappropriately touching her, in a way that definitely made her uncomfortable.

Perhaps Cuomo really believes you can fool almost all people almost all the time with Emmy-award winning fast talk.

Julia Lutch
Davis, Calif.

The front-page picture of Cuomo holding this poor girl’s neck is worth a thousand words.

For him to say: “I never touched anyone inappropriately” is just an outright lie — something he excels at lately. This consummate actor, with his phony apologies and crocodile tears, makes me sick and fools no one.

Do you want to know who really is crying? All of the families who lost loved ones last year after his mandate condemning senior citizens to horrific death.

Mike Pedano
South Farmingdale

Cuomo is in a tailspin. He has portrayed himself as hyper-sensitive to women’s issues in the past, when he suggested that then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh take a polygraph to prove his innocence.

He also apparently intervened when he perceived an inappropriate relationship between his daughter and a state trooper.

Add to this writing a book that lauded his leadership skills during the pandemic, along with receiving an Emmy for his televised daily briefings. One has to wonder what his publisher and his adoring fans are thinking now.

Phil Serpico

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