Letters to the Editor — March 31, 2021



The Issue: Alexi McCammond’s resignation from Teen Vogue after tweets she sent as a teen resurfaced.

Rav Arora writes that he is extremely concerned about the resignation of black journalist Alexi McCammond from her new job at Teen Vogue for racist, idiotic tweets she posted at age 17 (“Pure Cruelty,” PostScript, March 29).

Conservatives have been the victim of woke mob behavior for quite a while, and now liberals are seeing the consequences as mob rule intensifies.

Keep in mind the “race and inclusion” editor at USA Today, Hemal Jhaveri, who was just fired for tweeting “It’s always an angry white man” after the Colorado massacre and then had the unmitigated gall to blame “alt-right” rage for her firing.

Joanne Urban


While cancel culture propelled the swift ouster of now-former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond, she is partly responsible for her pain.

Her exit resulted from toxic tweets she posted as a teenager a decade ago. Though she apologized for them, tweets, like diamonds, are forever and return to haunt you.

They are 280-character career suicide notes that have prompted resignations, terminations or other penalties for several journalists.

This should be a clear warning to members of the media and other professions: Stay off Twitter.

Richard Reif


Liberal woke cancel culture created this scenario, and now Alexi McCammond expects sympathy and an exception to the rule? I don’t think so.

If the rest of us who have ever made any ignorant, hurtful, dumb comment during childhood or adolescence must be held accountable, then so must this woman. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

But this is the world that cancel culture has created.

Elizabeth Muller


Rav Arora writes, “Teenagehood years are for partying, learning your sexuality, rebelling against parental norms, experimenting with alcohol and making a variety of irresponsible, puerile decisions in the moment because they seem fun.”

Sorry, Rav. Alexi Mc­Cam­mond, based on the rules of today’s insanity, should be held accountable for her racism and canceled from society with no job or book opportunities, etc., just as the left wants to do to anyone associated with former President Donald Trump.

Wayne Galvin


The Issue: A video showing bystanders did nothing during an assault of an Asian woman in Midtown.

The video of an attack on an Asian-American woman was horrifying (“City without mercy,” March 30).

I pray the woman recovers physically . It will be much more difficult to recover psychologically.

The video showed the indifference of those watching. It appeared that three men watched the attack and did nothing, and one closed the door. What a commentary on life in New York.

J. Delaney

Rockville Centre

The attack by that racist on a 65-year-old Asian woman who was on her way to church was totally disgusting.

There were witnesses standing nearby and they just looked on and did nothing, not even using their phone to call the police.

After the attack, it appeared no one went over to help her. If that’s not heartless, then what is?

These racist attacks are just getting out of hand, and it has to stop. I would like to know what our mayor is going to do about this.

Maybe if Mayor de Blasio hadn’t partially defunded the Police Department, an officer or a patrol car might have been nearby, which could have made a difference.

Robert Johann


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