Letters to the Editor — Feb. 21, 2021



Don’t change Florida
Florida’s beautiful weather, no state income tax and all-around wonderful quality of life brings many people from across the country to relocate here (“NYC is back, baby . . . in Fla.,” Feb. 14).

I have noticed an alarming trend among those who move from New York and other states where there are sky-high housing costs, even higher taxes and crime and traffic are facts of life.

They come down and continue the same voting patterns that they left. Like a plague spreading a disease, they start bringing these idiotic, big-government ideas into this state and begin destroying communities with new tax-and-burn policies and regulations.

Soon enough, the sanctuary-state ideology will rear its ugly head, taxes will soar, welfare and homelessness will rise, jobs will be lost and businesses will move, setting the stage for ruining the very places they thought would be their refuge.

Don’t try and change Florida. Let Florida change you.
Lou Walker
Cape Coral, Fla.

Gem disconnect
Shame on you for including an article on the wealthy having jewelers come to their homes to sell them jewelry (“Diamonds on demand,” Feb. 16).

People spending $100,000 for a necklace and $15,000 for matching earrings is not what Americans need to read about after suffering under an almost year-long pandemic.

The wealthy gushing over how “amazing and so intimate” these parties are is disgusting when people are getting killed on the subways and Americans are having so many problems getting a vaccine.
A. Slauson
Naugatuck, Conn.

Pelosi’s probe
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi having Congress establish an official commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot is understandable (“Subpoena power sought,” Feb. 19).

So is the establishment of a similar commission to investigate other attacks on public buildings, police stations, private businesses, arson, physical assault on law-enforcement officials and billions of dollars in destruction around the nation led by Antifa and other extremist groups on the left which went on across the nation last year as well.

Political extremists on both the right and left need to be held accountable for their actions.
Larry Penner
Great Neck

Fear for America
As an American who did not vote for President Biden, I have had a difficult time finding words to describe my trepidation on his presence as a leader of my beloved country (“Nevertheless, Xi persisted,” Dominic Green, Feb. 14).

Green did that for me. With intelligence and humor, he has put my fears into words.

His last paragraph put me into a brief state of mourning: “The world is saying goodbye to America. Americans should understand that this means that they too will be saying goodbye to America.” God help us.
Jayne Lee

‘No mask’ dream
While I agree with Karol Markowicz that it would be great to be done with masks after this virus, I think it’s wishful thinking (“Mask Forever? Hell No,” PostOpinion, Feb. 16).

We now have a whole generation that thinks mask wearing is critical to living and believes that giving up personal freedom to the government because of “science” is OK.

The rich have become richer, our public servants have become dictators and our children and a bulk of this population have become so scared of dying that they don’t have a life. We have become pathetic lemmings going off a cliff.
William Cook
Little Egg Harbor, NJ


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