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It started with a passion for all things sewing, cropping and embellishing.

Lauren Riihimaki, the influencer behind the YouTube Channel ‘LaurDIY, has been dishing out do-it-yourself content for eight years. Now, after posting several DIY Halloween costume videos, and amassing more than 8.6 million subscribers, she is returning to host HBO Max’s “Craftopia” for its second season — available now to stream.

“For Season 1, we had kid crafters who were so cute and blew our expectations out of the water,” Riihimaki, 28, told the Post. “For Season 2, we’re pivoting to adult crafters: three contestants, one winner and a $10,000 prize for each episode.

What’s more, “Craftopia” has four holiday episodes launching in November to deck the halls while decking out the DIYs.

“These adult crafters are professionals in their fields already, so we have some prosthetics designers from ‘The Walking Dead,’ costume designers in Vegas, drag queens, carpenters and so much more,” she adds. “We’re bringing the experts together for an ultimate, timed competition with money on the line.”

“Craftopia” Season 2 Official Trailer via HBO Max on YouTube.

With a giant following on all the socials, she landed her role as host through a young subscriber — whose father is an executive at Warner Bros. Pictures.

“My subscriber pitched me to her mom for this show after watching my DIY content,” she said. “I completely owe this opportunity to Grace, which is surreal and wild to me.”

What else is wild? Her podcast she co-hosts, ‘Wild Til 9‘ with her boyfriend, Jeremy Lewis — a show on “relationships, spotting the red flags and giving the green lights, and the lifestyle in which this polar opposite couple found themselves,’ per the show’s description.

“I’ve been crafting ever since I can remember. I never imagined it would turn into something this big, but starting a DIY channel become second nature to me.”

Lauren Riihimaki

“With the shift of moving toward an older audience, that can’t be done overnight through existing platforms and channels,” she said. “With the podcast, it was a fresh start for people who knew we were going to be talking in long-form about sex, mental health, relationships, dating and funny stories from college.”

And, *drumroll please* — she has plush, cozy merch, like this sherpa blanket and these cute dark grey sweats.

When she’s not on set for the childrens’ craft competition or whipping out her recording mic and headphones, you can find her catering to a more adult audience with ‘Tipsy TMI Girl Talk’ videos along with on-trend DIY content.

“After a while, I realized people were watching my videos because of my personality, not necessarily because they were going to a craft store and cropping a shirt,” she said. “Then, I started following TikTok trends and had a whole brand pivot that’s been so much fun.”

Lauren Riihimaki’s YouTube channel of more than 8.6M subscribers. Video: ‘Trendy TikTok DIYs You Need.’

Even though Riihimaki went through a re-brand of sorts, crafting is at the heart of her content (just ask the crafting scissors tattooed on her wrist).

“I’ve been crafting ever since I can remember: personalized binder covers, embellishing backpacks and just making something feel new,” she said. “I never imagined it would turn into something this big, but starting a DIY channel become second nature to me.”

So yes, Riihimaki is an all-around, multi-platform creator with a 360-view of content. And, if you follow Alisha Marie & Ashley Nichole, Remi Cruz, Eva Gutowski and Taylor King, you most definitely heard of the infamous L.A. girl gang.

“I lived in Toronto for five years before moving to L.A.,” she said. “The biggest benefit is being around so many people in the similar, niche industry for creative brainstorm sessions and to talk through some hardships, too. And, collaboration hasn’t been easier.”

Riihimaki, on the West Coast, loves her dog moose, too. Just an FYI. “My mini bull terrier is such a source of happiness in my life and has brought out a maternal instinct in me.”

Lauren Riihimaki

If you love crafting, TikTok-famous lifestyle products or hearing about new brands, Riihimaki has you covered. Below, find her favorite products from popcorn to sewing machines to luxe sneakers.

Lauren’s Favorite Products

Nike Off-White x Dunk Low ‘Lot 09 of 50’, $445

Nike Off-White x Dunk Low 'Lot 09 of 50'

“These Nike Off-Whites were a birthday gift from Jeremy and I had free rein to pick out a pair of shoes — which was ideal,” Riihimaki. “They’re impossible to get with immediate drops, so I was so happy to add them to my collection.”

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera, $599 (originally $649)

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera

“The Canon EOS M50 is my favorite vlog camera ever (and I’ve been through an evolution of cameras, so this is saying a lot),” she said.

Canon 11-22mm Lens, $399

Canon 11-22mm Lens

“I love my wide-angle lens to attach to my Canon EOS M50 for more perspective to my videos,” she said.

Topo Chico Carbonated Mineral Water (6-Count), $6.18

Topo Chico Carbonated Mineral Water (6-Count)

“I’m all about sparkling water, especially because I don’t really drink regular water,” she said. “I have Topo Chico running through my veins at all times.”

Which makes sense, because she says it’s the “sparkliest of the sparkling water.”

Dyson Airwrap 8-Piece Set, $549

Dyson Airwrap 8-Piece Set

“TikTok sold me on the Dyson Airwrap,” she said. “I’m okay at hair, but I’m not someone who’s going to follow a blowout tutorial and you’ll never find me using a round brush. It’s so easy to use and gives you the most insane volume, especially on my perpetually flat hair.”

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine, $243.99

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

“This sewing machine does everything I need it to do and, though others can get more high-tech, this suits my needs right now,” she said.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS ‘Dark Mocha’, $436

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS 'Dark Mocha'

“If you’re a sneaker lover, these are a staple, natural sneaker that is worth the investment,” she said. “You can wear them with anything.”

G.H. Cretors Cheese & Caramel Mix Popcorn (12-Pack), $47.88

G.H. Cretors Cheese & Caramel Mix Popcorn (12-Pack)

“This popcorn is the perfect combination of savory and sweet,” she said. “It’s a guilty pleasure and I can crush an entire bag with one movie.”

Kitsch Leopard Microfiber Towel Scrunchies, $14

Kitsch Leopard Microfiber Towel Scrunchies

“I’m mad that I went 27 years without having these towel scrunchies in my life,” she said. “I would get so angry washing my face and having water fall on my arms, sink counter and floor. I roll these high above my wrist and it’s a game-changer.”

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner — Pillow Talk Collection, $22

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner — Pillow Talk Collection

“This is the perfect color that matches my actual lip tone, and I’m so grateful for the Madison Beer Vogue video that got me hooked on it,” she said.

Fiskars 45mm Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter, $12.39 (originally $18.02)

Fiskars 45mm Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

“It’s a crafting pizza cutter,” she said. “It cuts through everything and is great if you’re starting to get into DIYs.”

Papcool Mushroom Squishmallow, $19.99

Papcool Mushroom Squishmallow

“There’s such an insane squishmallow following on TikTok and it’s the fluffiest thing to fall onto,” she said. “Jeremy makes fun of me because they’re always on the couch. And, I just got a hookup by the squishmallow team, so I’m beyond excited.

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