Kristin Davis teases Kim Cattrall’s absence from ‘And Just Like That’



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And just like that, Samantha is no more.

While fans knew Kim Cattrall would not return as infamous sexpot Samantha Jones in the “Sex and the City” reboot “And Just Like That …” they were likely less sure how the show would address the character’s notable absence, beyond simply suggesting, “Friendships fade.”

But when asked whether the series would note her missing status in an interview on the “Today” show Tuesday, cast member Kristin Davis was quick — and definitive — with her response.

“Yes,” said Davis, 56, who plays Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the franchise and subsequent new spinoff, premiering Thursday on HBO.

“We love Samantha. Samantha is never not going to be a part in some way, right?” she continued in a Charlotte-esque, ever-so-diplomatic way. “So there is respect for Samantha; it’s part of the story. We’d never disrespect Samantha.”

Inside sources previously hinted to the Daily Mail that Samantha had a falling out with Carrie and is now living, and “thriving,” far away from the Big Apple — in London, to be exact. “We couldn’t have Samantha roaming around New York City and not have the other women (Charlotte and Miranda) not interacting with her,” a source reportedly said, adding that Carrie might even offer an extension of an olive branch to Samantha at the end of the season.

Although the 64-year-old Cattrall’s refusal to continue with the “SATC” franchise began years ago, rumors circulated that her unwavering stance was due to a poor relationship with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker — who herself has denied having a “catfight” with her former scene partner.

Meanwhile, actor Chris Noth — who plays Carrie’s husband, Mr. Big — is standing by his TV wife, recently telling The Guardian that he has “no idea” why Cattrall abandoned the show.

“I do know that I’m very close with SJ and [Cattrall’s] descriptions of her don’t even come close,” Noth, 67, said of Cattrall’s past remarks about Parker, 56. “I liked her, I thought she was marvelous in the show and some people move on for their own reasons. I don’t know what hers were. I just wish that whole thing had never happened because it was sad and uncomfortable.”

Cattrall (left, with Sarah Jessica Parker, center, and Kristin Davis) stood her ground on never returning to the series.
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He said that he feels “very protective” of Parker, adding, “I just don’t like to see anyone talking down about SJ because she’s a target and people can be nasty. 

“I was not happy about that. That’s all I’ll say about that,” he concluded.

Parker, who plays fashionista writer Carrie Bradshaw on the show, previously told The Post that she didn’t have a “disagreement” with Cattrall. “I’ve only ever expressed admiration and gratitude for everything she contributed — and I still feel that way,” she said in 2018.

To fill help fill Samantha’s void, a group of three women of color will join the central friend group, a push for more diversity and inclusivity in the cast.

As for Charlotte, she’s still married to Harry Goldenblatt and working through the obstacles of parenting two daughters.

“Life is not over when you turn 50,” Davis told “Today” of her character’s new exploits.

“And Just Like That…” will premiere Thursday, Dec. 9, on HBO Max.

Fans mourned the loss of raunchy Samantha in the spinoff.
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