Justin Bieber shares mysterious phone number on Twitter



They Beliebed it was real.

Pop icon Justin Bieber had fans in a furor after he posted what appeared to be his phone number on Twitter Wednesday.

“Call if you need somebody I will be there for you +1 (818) 210-4058,” the 27-year-old “Baby” singer wrote in a tantalizing Tweet with over 120k likes.

Needless to say, Beliebers leapt at the implied invitation to speak with their hero.

“Not me immediately calling,” gushed one fan with a screenshot of their phone dialing the number.

“Answer me,” Tweeted another alongside a pic showing that that they’d added “Justin Bieber” to their contacts.

Unfortunately, fans hoping for a one-on-one audience with the Canadian superstar were no doubt sorely disappointed. Upon plugging in the number, callers are greeted with a recording of Beebs singing a lyric from his new song:

“Call if you need somebody I will be there for you,” he croons in the sound byte.

Justin Bieber's fans are famously rabid when it comes to reaching the pop star.
Justin Bieber’s fans are famously rabid when it comes to reaching the pop star.
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As it turns out, the Tweet was actually a promotional stunt for the Grammy-winner’s new album, entitled “Justice,” which is slated to hit stores on March 19.

Bieber’s fans are notoriously rabid when it comes to reaching the singer — a reality Bieber himself has bristled with in the past. During a concert in 2016, he asked if his audience could stop “screaming” and called it obnoxious. And last year, he snapped at fans camped outside his home.

Nonetheless, some Beliebers were overjoyed at the promotional rick roll.

“Me here spending all my credit listening to the song,” Tweeted one, along with a clip of her repeatedly playing the snippet on her phone.

The Twitter tease comes nearly a week after Bieber announced the release of “Justice,” along with a lengthy dedication to all the “people feeling helpless” in the world in 2021.


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