Johnson sees bumpy COVID winter, but radical changes by spring

Johnson sees bumpy COVID winter, but radical changes by spring

On Monday, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said that he expected following certain months of coronavirus pandemic to remain bumpy, but radical changes would likely take place by spring.

Britain, the country that has suffered the worst coronavirus death cases in Europe, came out of national lockdown gradually over summer; however several areas including important cities like Glasgow and Manchester are presently under local restrictions.

Johnson said that he knew several people were angry with him due to perceived confusion and inconsistencies related to local measures; however, he was just trying to maintain a balance between the public health as well as the broader needs of the economy and the society.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister had to rectify his statement on social media post getting a few facts wrong as he answered one question related to social distancing regulations that are applicable to most areas in England.

In his interview on Sunday, Johnson refused a suggestion which said that the local measures weren’t working out well given the infection cases were still increasing in the highly affected regions and there wasn’t an end to the restrictions.

Notably, the total coronavirus infections in the UK stand at more than 480,000, with over 2,400 patients undergoing treatment in hospital.