Johnny Manziel hits back at trolls over NFL career digs


Johnny Manziel has a message for trolls: The material about his short-lived Browns career is getting kind of old.

On Saturday, the aspiring golfer weighed in on the 2021 March Madness tournament, which prompted commentary from some fans about his time as an NFL pro. When a troll chirped that Manziel’s “picks are horrible… just like your NFL game,” the 28-year-old had no issue firing back, according to Larry Brown Sports.

“Nobody thinks i sucked in the league more than me. Get over it broseph,” Manziel replied to the original message, that has since been deleted.

The 22nd-overall pick in the 2014 draft, Manziel played two turbulent seasons in Cleveland before being released from the Browns in early 2016.

In recent years, Manziel has been open about personal turmoil and substance abuse struggles, in addition to his bipolar diagnosis.

Johnny Manziel fired back at a troll over comments made about his NFL career.
Johnny Manziel fired back at a troll over comments made about his NFL career.
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When given a “scouting report” Saturday by another Twitter user, Manziel took aim at their chops.

“This guy was not going to be good. Poor accuracy, poor anticipation and slow to process the information of a defense. Complete disappointment,” the follower wrote, to which Manziel responded: “Says a guy who can’t throw a football twenty yards.”

Following his time in the NFL, Manziel tried to revamp his football career with stints in the CFL and the now-defunct Alliance of American Football League. He also recently played in the Fan Controlled Football league. He’s focused on meeting his golf goals by 2033.

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