John Wall Refuses to Put Any Weight on Rumors of Him Requesting Trade from the Washington Wizards

John Wall Refuses to Put Any Weight on Rumors of Him Requesting Trade from the Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards are in a tough spot at the moment. After waiting two years for their star, John Wall, to return from injury, they tried to trade him unsuccessfully. After hearing about these rumors, Wall himself reportedly asked for a trade.

But when he was recently asked about these reports, Wall simply said, “No comment,” and brushed it off. If he really wasn’t leaving the Wizards, he could have denied the rumors, but he chose not to.

Wall later also said, “Since Day 1 when I stepped here, June 25, this city, these fans ain’t do nothing but show me a lot of love. That’s the same thing I want to give back to them. Give my same love back, and that’s what I’m always going to continue to do no matter what goes on. We can’t control certain things that happen in life, but one thing I can control is my heart will always be in this city.”

Was that an unofficial goodbye from John Wall?

This could be the end of a decade long association between Wall and the Wizards. After being drafted by them in 2011, Wall has stayed loyal all these years. The Wizards reciprocated this when they offered him a huge contract in 2017. During these two years of injury, they waited patiently for him.

Wall’s co-star Bradley Beal also spoke about how his desire to stay was influenced a lot by his wish to play with Wall once again after his return from injury. But since that failed trade with the Rockets, it has been a mess for the Wizards. There is uncertainty about Wall’s future, and if he leaves, the next domino falling could be Beal leaving.

The Wizards reportedly lost patience with Wall after a video of him displaying gang signs went viral. According to Wizards insider Chris Miller, that was the last straw for the team. He said, “The incident that John had in Brooklyn is probably one of the reasons why this is probably being moved forward.”

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If the Wizards were to keep Wall, they would have had a strong team with Beal, Rui Hachimura, Davis Bertans, and Deni Avdija off the bench. If both parties can come to an agreement and Wall continues to play for them, the Wizards can definitely push for the playoffs. Otherwise, they will have to find a team willing to take on a $40 million contract.

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