Joe Rogan Shares an Image of a Fan’s Tattoo With Hilarious Caption

Joe Rogan Shares an Image of a Fan's Tattoo With Hilarious Caption

Joe Rogan is the most renowned MMA analyst in the world. He is a UFC commentator and has bens associated with the promotion for a few decades now. Apart from his many roles, Rogan is also a comedian and has his own podcast channel- The Joe Rogan Experience.

Of late, a fan carved a bizarre tattoo of Joe Rogan on his legs. In due course of time, the picture reached Rogan who shared the same on his official Instagram handle.

The fan tattooed Rogan’s face. The Rogan in the tattoo is smoking a cigarette with the letters ‘THO’ inscribed on his face, 420 on his head, and the face consists of three eyes.

Rogan came up with a witty caption. He wrote “Grandpa, why do you have a picture of that man with the red eyes on your leg? Why does is say 420?”

“I spent most of 2020 high on psychedelics, waiting for the world to end. When the dust settled, and the world was still here and everyone went back to work, I woke up with this unfortunate drawing of a crazy person on my leg. It’s hard to remember now, but I think he was some sort of game show host.”

He referred to this fan as an aging man having a conversation with his grandchild. Wherein, the grandchild asks about this uncanny tattoo on his legs. To which, the fan (grandpa) reverts saying he was high on psychedelics (a drug that produces hallucinations and expansion of consciousness in a person) in the year 2020, and that is how he got tattooed without knowing who this man was.

Joe Rogan And His Love For Tattoos

The 53-year-old American himself is a tattoo fanatic. He believes a tattoo is an artwork connecting to the soul of an artist. Rogan has inked both of his arms with giant designs.


He has a tribal tattoo on his right arm and a spiritual one to his left. He has inked Hindu mythology’s Lord Shiva throughout his left hand, who has his third eye open and a snake going downwards in his entire length.

Rogan believes this tattoo has some other dimension that we visit in our sleep under the influence of a dr*g. He believes the figure to be the alien that communicated to him while he was in the other dimension.

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