Joe Joyce’s Mother Savagely Claps Back at Daniel Dubois – “Now You Know What It’s Like Not to See”

Joe Joyce with his mother

Joe Joyce’s mother Marve Opara took a huge dig at Daniel Dubois after Joyce beat the 23-year-old fighter. This was a heavyweight clash which had a lot of talk in the build-up. Dubois made some questionable comments about ‘The Juggernaut’s’ mother. Before the two settled things in the ring, Joyce promised to teach Dubois a lesson in the ring.

Joe Joyce
LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 13: Joe Joyce celebrates victory over Bryant Jennings after the Heavyweight fight between Joe Joyce and Bryant Jennings at The O2 Arena on July 13, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by James Chance/Getty Images)

In the first press conference, Dubois made a comment about Joyce’s mother being blind; he said she will not have to worry because she won’t see her son on the canvas. Joyce, who has more experience, chose to reply in the ring. And speaking to iFL TV on YouTube after the fight, Opara said, “Hopefully he’s learned his lesson now, and he has to respect his elders now.

She took a big swipe at him for his comments when she said, “And now [that] he’s got his eye all bust-up, now you know what it’s like not to see. So anyway, message to you Daniel Dubois…. ‘Now you was flattened’. No, you quit.”

Joyce peppered Dubois with powerful jabs to the left eye. By the tenth round, the ‘Dynamite’s’ eye was swollen to the extent that he could not see. This eventually made him take a knee till the count-out.

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Joe Joyce’s mother sees the funny side of things.

Opara did however see the humorous aspect of the whole thing. She said, “I saw you quit. Well, actually I didn’t, really. But I’m going to watch it back on the TV with my monocular like this. Yea, sorry now.” She also went to wish him a speedy recovery and said, “Anyway, get well soon, Daniel. Get well soon.”

Dubois was the favorite going into this fight. However, Joe Joyce showed his experience and did not let the trash talk get to him; He executed his game-plan and will fight for the title next. ‘The Dynamite’ on the other hand will have to recover from that nasty injury and get back to the drawing board.