Joe, Jill Biden grateful for ‘the American spirit’ in Thanksgiving op-ed

Joe, Jill Biden grateful for 'the American spirit' in Thanksgiving op-ed

President-elect Joe Biden and future first lady Jill penned an optimistic op-ed on Thursday, saying how the COVID-19 crisis as “has revealed our collective strength” despite the tough year.

As Americans prepare to celebrate a Thanksgiving like no other, the couple ran through a list of what they’re grateful for this year, including frontline workers, health care employees, parents, teachers and the experts working toward developing a vaccine against coronavirus.

“We are grateful for the American spirit of our people, who do not cower in the face of crisis and hardship but instead come together to lift up one another,” the Bidens wrote in the piece published by CNN. “All those who lost jobs but not heart, who donated to food banks or asked their neighbors, What can I do? How can I help? We’re grateful for everyone who reminded us that we are bigger than the challenges we face.”

They added that they were most of all grateful for “the faith and trust we have been given to continue serving this beautiful, brave, complicated nation.”

“This year of loss has revealed our collective strength. It has shown us that our lives are connected in ways unseen — that we can be apart without being alone,” they said.