Jets’ Douglas may need to break own rule for Deshaun Watson



Jets general manager Joe Douglas can’t answer any direct questions about Deshaun Watson while the star quarterback remains with the Texans, but he was asked an indirect question about him on Wednesday.

How would Douglas feel about trading several draft picks to acquire a player? His answer may disappoint Jets fans.

“Ultimately for us to get to where the great teams are, the most consistent teams are, you do that through the draft,” Douglas said. “It’s the most team-friendly market in sports. For us to really be that team that’s consistently competing for Super Bowls, we have to hit on our draft picks.”

This should not be read as Douglas ruling out a trade for Watson. It was a hypothetical question posed on a Zoom call. There is no indication the Texans are ready to trade Watson, who has requested to be moved. If they do, the price tag will be exorbitant, likely starting with three first-round picks. That would go against Douglas’ philosophy of building through the draft, but Watson may be a player worth breaking that rule to acquire.

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson
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Douglas did not go crazy in free agency last year, instead choosing to sign a lot of players to short-term deals for less money. With free agency coming on March 17 this year, Douglas has $76.1 million in estimated cap space (via Over The Cap) and holes all over his roster. Will he be more aggressive this year in free agency?

“We’re better positioned than we were at this time last year. I would say that our philosophy and stance has not changed, however,” Douglas said. “Our goal and our plan is to be a team that really builds this through the draft and hitting on draft picks. Obviously, using free agency to supplement our roster. If the opportunity and value meet, that’s the point where we’re going to be aggressive and gets someone, we feel good about helping this team not only on the field but with the culture inside the buildingWhile we’re positioned better, I think our philosophy has stayed the same.”

New head coach Robert Saleh met with linebacker C.J. Mosley recently at the Jets’ Florham Park headquarters. Mosley opted out of last season and missed all but two games in 2019, his first season with the team. The Jets expect to have Mosley back in 2021. Mosley has four years left on the five-year, $85 million deal he signed in 2019.

“He came by and said hello. It was awesome to get to meet him,” Saleh said. “I’m not going to get into details of our conversation. My expectation is no different than any other player that’s here.For C.J., that’s to continue to be the pro he’s been since the day he was drafted and the leader he’s been and find ways to get better every single day.C.J. definitely has that mindset.”

Saleh was asked about his opinion of the Jets outlook after six weeks on the job.

“We’re going to get better. We’re going to win championships here,” Saleh said. “To give you a timeline, I wish I knew. I’d go to Vegas.”


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