Jared Goff’s fourth-and-11 throwaway should mark the end of the Jared Goff era



There are times when you read about a play, and you think it can’t possibly be as bad as it sounds. Down 24-0 to the Eagles at Ford Field, Lions quarterback Jared Goff threw the ball away… on fourth-and-11. Lions fans, already tired of watching a quarterback who can’t seem to hit open receivers under the best circumstances, let their feelings be known.

So, you’re thinking maybe Goff was the victim of an all-out blitz, or all his receivers were covered downfield, or there was some sort of reason for this ridiculousness.


Goff left the pocket before he needed to, and outright missed a wide-open Kalif Raymond down the right boundary. Head coach Dan Campbell’s expression says it all.

This fourth-and-4 throwaway in Week 6 against the Bengals should have been a decent clue that Goff has no idea what he’s doing out there.

Not that backup David Blough is going to make anyone forget Matthew Stafford, but if you have a quarterback who’s afraid to make a throw in-bounds to any receiver in a desperate situation, well, what’s the point of even taking the field?


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