Jake Paul Says He Has Forfeited Millions of Dollars for Boxing

Jake Paul Says He Has Forfeited Millions of Dollars for Boxing

Following a sensational KO win over Nate Robinson, ‘Problem Child’ Jake Paul might be the new big thing in boxing. Despite having his roots in the entertainment industry, Jake Paul has alarmed the sport with his back-to-back knockout victories (TKO and KO) since his debut against Ali Eson Gib.

However, Paul has several haters who don’t like the fact that he is a celebrity who has entered the boxing world. The 23-year-old is a multi-role superstar and many believe that he should stick to making music videos and internet content rather than boxing.

Paul has silenced his critics and believes he has done something superior to the sport. There is no denying that he is a celebrity who grabs global attention. Thus, his boxing matches have been blessed with huge PPV sales and Jake Paul hasn’t forgotten to note it.

In the post-fight press conference, Paul reflected on his success story and cited how he has been a fighter all his life.

He said, “It’s an uphill battle for Jake Paul, it always has been. You know I have fought for everything in my whole entire life. People hate me, people talk s*** about me. But, I’m still here. Still here.”

He further reflected on his contribution towards boxing and added, “I have fore fitted so many opportunities for this sport. Millions of dollars of opportunity, content I could be posting. Merch I could be selling, millions of views I could be getting. Albums I could be dropping, movies I could be starring in. All because I wanna box and I wouldn’t wanna have it in any other way.”

What’s next for Jake Paul?

Jake, 23, is still young and envisions more fights. ‘The Problem Child’ has hinted at several matchups ahead for himself. From Conor McGregor to Dillon Danis and KSI, Jake Paul has sighted big matchups for the upcoming ride.

Meanwhile, he could fight his elder Logan Paul too. Considering that both the brothers have entered the ring, they can provide a stellar matchup for the fans.

While he is also a music producer, his boxing skills have grabbed eyes too. So, he may aim to take over the sport at an early age. Will Jake Paul be successful in boxing ahead?