Jake Paul KO’d Nate Robinson in boxing match, and people couldn’t believe it

Jake Paul KO'd Nate Robinson in boxing match, and people couldn't believe it

Jake Paul is for real.

The YouTube star moves to 2-0 as a professional boxer after a devastating knockout of former NBA star Nate Robinson. It only took two rounds for Paul to claim victory over Robinson as Paul continued to make quick work of his boxing matches.

While Paul had been saying for months leading up to the fight that he was going to knock out Robinson, not many believed him. So when it actually happened, viewers were stunned.

Not only did Paul knock Robinson out, but there was some initial concern over the former NBA star’s well-being. He was, thankfully, able to get up after a few minutes and appears to be OK.

Once Robinson was deemed healthy, it didn’t take long before Twitter started to make jokes about the short-lived fight.

We gathered some of the reactions from people below.