“It’s Very Strict”: John Millman Raises Huge Concerns Over Australian Open 2021


There are a number of uncertainties revolving around the Australian Open 2021 at the moment. Organizers want the tournament to start as quickly as possible but also want to ensure that players undergo a 14-day quarantine before. For this, they are negotiating with the government to allow the entry of players in late December. However, Australian tennis player John Millman believes that the 2-week lockdown is unnecessary.

The 31-year-old Millman is currently under quarantine in Sydney. In a recent interview, he said that there hadn’t been an outburst of the coronavirus in Australia like it happened in Europe. He also expressed that according to him, most players would not want a 2-week long quarantine.

“You just can’t do a two-week hard lockdown to get ready for an Australian Open. I don’t think any of the international players would do that. Your body is what pays the bills. You are an injury risk, you can’t go from zero to 100 right away, that’s the biggest risk,” said Millman.

Millman was aware of the responsibilities of the government. However, he believed that the players’ point of view should also come out in the open and revealed the drawbacks of the quarantine.

“I’m not pessimistic and I understand the complexities of it all. You get to really understand how quarantine works when you are inside it… it’s very strict and I know if I had to pick up a racquet right now and go and play tennis, I’d be absolute rubbish. I’d probably injure myself,” added the Australian player.

“We have managed to largely avoid COVID”- John Millman confident of a successful Australian Open 2021

John Millman
John Millman of Australia celebrates after winning a point during his Men’s Singles third round match against Roger Federer of Switzerland on day five of the 2020 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 24, 2020, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Australian player also applauded the efforts of the Australian government in the battle against the pandemic. He believed that it was difficult for foreign players to understand Australia’s COVID success.

“It’s hard for them to comprehend how we have managed to largely avoid COVID. But there is a reason we’ve had so much success and why the Australian government and the Victorian government have put these precautions in place,” acknowledged Millman.

The 31-year-old even said that Australia’s remarkable success against the coronavirus was something that most players were not able to digest. He stated that it was maybe because they were seeing the rise in cases every day in their respective countries.

“I do think it is a hard one for them to grasp just because of how they have had to live with the coronavirus every day for the past nine months. It is a challenging one for them to understand,” concluded the Australian.

John Millman is certainly confident that the Australian Open 2021 will be a blockbuster. He too will be looking to play some exceptional tennis at home.

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