Italy imposes mask mandate outside and in as coronavirus rebounds

Italy imposes mask mandate outside and in as coronavirus rebounds

Recently, Italy brought in motion a nationwide mandate for an outdoor mask on Wednesday. Failure to adhere to this rule would incur fines as high as 1000 Euros for the violators. This has come into effect after this first to be affected country tries it best to pick up the pieces from the spiraling infection cases.

The government planned to pass this decree in Italy even as the per capita COVID-19 infection rate counts among the lowest of the countries in Europe. However, Giuseppe Conte issued a warning that the steady increase in the 9-week count of nationwide infection would demand new and preventative measures in order to stave the economically devastating shutdowns and closures.

Conte further added that we need to be rigorous and serious than before if we at all plan to avoid the infection and act on rather restrictive measures to ensure a smooth run of social and production activities. This particular decree by the government was passed when Italy counted 3678 the latest infections, including the death of 31. This was the highest increase in the total number of cases posts the peak outbreak that happened in the month of April.


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