Installing CCTV Cameras DIY Rules: Things to know before you Proceed


Installing CCTV Cameras DIY Rules: Things to know before you Proceed

You must give enough attention to safeguarding your home and properties if you don’t do so already. Regular safety measures like locked doors and windows aren’t always enough. If you’re looking for enhancing security, CCTV cameras can offer significant help with that. So, if you haven’t yet got a CCTV, you might consider installing them. When placed at the right locations, they can significantly improve the safety of your home.

Looking to install CCTV cameras on your property? There are many viable services out there that can help you. But, you must know about certain aspects to make better choices before you proceed. The information given below will help you with the exact steps that are required for CCTV installation.

How do CCTV cameras work?

In case you were wondering, CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. You must have seen various businesses as well as residences using CCTV cameras. Now, these cameras work in quite a simple way. They show whatever they capture only on one or more selected screens. That’s why they are called a closed circuit, as opposed to regular television (open-circuit).

You can use regular TV monitors that can display the footage from your CCTV. So, the camera will transmit whatever it captures to the monitor you connect with it. Contact a qualified and experienced professional now for CCTV installation in Dubai.

Can you see the footage on more than one monitor?

In some situations, you might need to broadcast the camera footage to multiple monitors. So, in case you’re wondering whether that’s possible, yes it is. There are various ways you can share the signal that the camera transmits back. But, using splitters is probably the easiest among them. You just need to use the right one, based on the type of cable you’re using.

How do you benefit from using CCTV Cameras?

If you put up CCTV cameras at any of your properties, it’ll surely have many advantages. So, here are the ways through which you’ll benefit by making that decision.

1.    Dissuade crimes

This is the most important reason for you to install CCTV cameras. You can often tell the difference that security cameras ensure the safety of a place. After all, very few people commit a crime when they know that they are being watched. As a result, people would feel much safer in places with CCTV cameras. In case you didn’t know, many studies say that they have reduced crimes by at least 50%. So, more people are installing security camera systems than ever before.

2.    It’s completely worth the investment

There are many things you can invest in for ensuring your property’s security. But, very few are worth the price, as CCTV cameras. So, you must not underestimate the difference they can make. After all, cameras don’t have most of the limitations that human guards may have.

3.    They can keep a watch 24 x 7

You probably can’t keep an eye on your property all the time. But, you can make your camera do that without any problem. You just need to provide it with electricity to keep it going. Moreover, they’ll record even when you’re not watching. So, you can just go back and view all the footage captured at a given time. That way you have strong evidence in your favor, in case a crime takes place.

4.    Handy for monitoring your business or home

Especially for businesses, it’s quite important to monitor everything that happens on their premises. Apart from monitoring how their business is going, it also helps to deter crimes. So, the security cameras in malls and supermarkets are a good example of this. It makes large workplaces, where crimes like theft may take place, easier to monitor.

5.    Comes with many additional features

Like other things, you may have various requirements when it comes to CCTV cameras. So, there are products with all kinds of useful features available out there. For example, you might need to record outdoor footage during the night. In such cases, you can find a CCTV camera with night vision. Apart from that, you can get many other features in them based on your needs.

Are there any Drawbacks of using CCTV Cameras?

In case you’re wondering, security camera systems come with their share of drawbacks. So, you can’t always expect it to provide advantages only. Here are some of the biggest drawbacks of CCTV cameras –

1.    Costly

Even though they are cost-effective, they are quite expensive to set up. Especially if you want good quality service. Apart from that, it also depends on the technology used in the camera. The more advanced it is, the higher it will cost. So, this is another financial aspect of the matter that you shouldn’t ignore.

2.    Can’t stop crimes in progress

This is one of the most obvious shortcomings of using CCTV cameras. What happens when someone commits a theft despite the security measures? The cameras can only record that, but they can’t stop the loss that the crime causes. After all, they’re only made to record things and nothing more than that. But, a few security camera systems have AI facilities and you can set an alarm. However, these are way costlier.

3.    They themselves are unprotected

This applies mainly to those cameras that are mounted as opposed to hidden. No matter how much they can deter crimes, they’re not safe from damage after all. Also, experienced criminals will get them out of the way before they commit a crime. So, you must not ignore this vulnerability in CCTV cameras.

4.    It can cause privacy issues

Thinking of setting up CCTV cameras at your business? Then, you can expect some objections to it on the grounds of privacy. After all, this concern is not an illogical one. So, you can count it as one of the shortcomings of CCTV cameras.

5.    People can hack them to spy on you

In case you didn’t know, using security cameras can often backfire on you. As there are certain reports that hackers often breach the cameras’ network for spying. Also, it might seem unlikely to happen to you, but you can never be sure. So, this is a major disadvantage of security cameras, even though you can overcome it.

How do you Choose the Perfect CCTV Camera?

Users have a wide range of requirements when it comes to CCTV cameras. Moreover, there are multiple suitable options for all of them. So, you need to choose the one that best suits your requirements. For that, you must focus on the following aspects –

1.    Video quality

With the technology we have today, you can get from average to great video qualities. Now, you’d want the image quality to be as good as possible. In that case, you can even find cameras that capture footage in 1080P. But, they are more expensive of course, so you can go for 720P if you prefer. In any case, you must choose the best video quality within your budget.

2.    Camera movement

The more it can move horizontally and vertically, the more area the camera will capture. So, this is yet another important feature you might want to focus on. Especially if you’re going to install it outdoors, it should allow a high level of movement. So, consider your requirements well in this matter and choose the best option for it.

3.    Range

How far up can the camera capture clear footage? This is an important consideration you must make before buying it. So, make sure it provides the optimal range for your purpose. For best results, you must go for a range that’s a little higher than your requirement.

4.    Weatherproofing

You must consider this feature if you’re looking for a suitable outdoor CCTV camera. Make sure the product you choose can withstand the weather conditions outside. Also, you must make sure that it’s waterproof in such cases.

5.    Wired or wireless?

Do you want a reliable connection with the camera? In that case, you might want to go for a wired CCTV model. Also, they have a lower price than the wireless ones.

Do you give priority to ease of installation and mobility? Then, wireless CCTV cameras are better suited for your requirement. Apart from that, they give the place a tidy look due to the absence of wires. But, they need a stable internet connection to function properly.

6.    Night-vision capabilities

How many infrared LEDs does the camera feature? The higher the number is, the better the video quality that it records at night. So, you need to consider this feature especially when you’re looking for an outdoor CCTV camera.

7.    Storage medium

Do you prefer to store the footage on DVRs? If not, then there are models that feature a memory card slot. Moreover, you can use SD cards of capacities up to 128 GB with them. Also, the models with memory card slots cost more than those relying on hard disks.

8.    Sensors

Some cameras that came out lately feature motion and audio sensors. So, they will alert you through an app whenever they detect any abnormalities. These smart cameras are expensive right now. But they’ll become more common for sure in the future. If they suit your budget, it’ll be worth giving them a try.

9.    Accessories available with it

When you buy a CCTV camera, it’ll come with various accessories. These may include mounting stands, power adapters, etc. You must make sure it has all that you need for using it.

10.   Design

The design is yet another important consideration to make before buying the camera. After all, it has implications on its functionality as well. If you’re looking for a reliable outdoor camera, the C-mount ones are best. On the other hand, dome cameras are most suited for indoor use. Also, you can try bullet CCTV cameras to capture longer distances outdoors. Moreover, they can endure all weather conditions and withstand dust and water.

How to ensure that your CCTV installation is worthwhile?

It’s not enough to simply install CCTV cameras on your property. But, you must make sure to place them after thinking about a few aspects. Here are some important factors to consider while installing the cameras –

1.    How far can your camera capture?

You’d want your camera to cover as much distance as possible. In that case, you need to place them in a certain position. A professional installation service can help you with that. So, you must consult them if you don’t have any technical knowledge on the matter. You can gain quite a lot from their expert insights on this topic.

2.    Does it cover all the crucial areas?

There probably are some areas on the property that you must not ignore. So, you need to make sure your cameras cover them well. For that, again, you need to place them in a suitable position. Also, you can consult experts in this matter as well.

3.    Does the captured area have enough lighting?

This is an essential factor you must not ignore. Also, you can take care of this yourself without any help. Make sure that the area that your camera surveils always has enough lighting. That way it can pick up on every detail of whatever it captures. As it happens, that often comes in handy in many situations.

4.    Credentials of the installation service

Make sure that the people carrying out the installation are well-qualified. After all, only then can you keep your mind at peace about the results.

Wrapping up….

The information given here shall help you with the matter of CCTV installation. Hopefully, it has also cleared some questions you had regarding this topic. Apart from that, do consult an expert before you make any significant decisions.