Idaho golf course offers season pass in search for vandals



A golf course in Idaho is taking a swing at catching some vandals who damaged their links — by offering a free season pass to anybody who helps catch the culprits, the owner said Friday.

The River Bend Golf Course in Wilder suffered serious damage Saturday night when a person or persons riding a four-wheeler tore up the grass and left deep tire marks on the greens, John Bideganeta, who owns the course with his family, told The Post.

“The damage is bad, and it’s really expensive to fix a golf course,” he said, adding a nearby church and farm had also been targeted recently.

“There’s no reason for it,” he said, adding he suspects local teens may be responsible. “It was Halloween [weekend] and there were a lot of kids out.”

He’s asking for the public’s help identifying those responsible — and offering a free 2022 season pass worth $900 as a reward.

River Bend Golf Course
River Bend Golf Course owner John Bideganeta says the course was attacked Halloween weekend and believes teens may be responsible.
River Bend Golf Course
The golf course is offering a free year’s pass, worth $900, to anyone who identifies the culprits.
River Bend Golf Course
The Idaho River Bend Golf Course is offering free golf in exchange for help catching the vandals who tore up the greens.

He doesn’t have footage of the un-fore-tunate incident, and hasn’t yet gotten any tips, he said.

Crews are working to patch up damaged areas at the tree-lined, nine-hole course.


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