“I Want to KO Everyone in McGregor’s Camp’ – Jake Paul Puts SGB Ireland on Notice


YouTuber Jake Paul has his eyes set on big names in the sport of boxing. The internet sensation who will fight Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson–Roy Jones Jr undercard has given an insight into his next move. He has always stated his desire to continue fighting after the Robinson fight and has been busy calling out all and sundry. However, he explained his reasoning behind calling out Conor McGregor.

Much to the dismay of traditional boxing fans, Jake Paul is at a level where he can call out some of the greatest combat sports athletes of this generation. And he went straight of the big-dog Conor McGregor. Speaking to MMAfighting.com, he said, “I’m the one also pushing that narrative. I want to keep fighting. I want to stay active. I want to bring MMA fighters into the boxing ring.”

The American added, “There’s no other fighter with this big of a platform that’s calling out Conor McGregor right now.” He also said, “a couple fights down the line when my skill level improves exponentially, which it already has since my last fight, I’m going to beat up Dillon Danis, which is from his camp. So I want to KO everyone in Conor McGregor’s camp and then it’s time to fight McGregor. But it’s going to happen.

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Will the Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor fight actually happen?

Despite having his reasons, the fact that Jake Paul is calling out Irish super-star McGregor is still bizarre. This is someone who has only had 1 professional boxing fight. And though it could draw a lot of numbers, it will be difficult for him to match the Irishman’s skill; even if it in the boxing ring.

The fight between Dillon Danis is a little more likely. Danis is someone who would bite at the bait; and the two have had an altercation on social media before. One thing is for sure, Jake Paul has taken boxing seriously and it looks like he is here to stay.