I had opportunity to make plays and just didn’t



There were several areas to point to as reasons why the Browns lost to the Steelers on Sunday, but wide receiver Jarvis Landry went to the mirror.

Landry lost a fumble with just over six minutes left in the game and then failed to come up with two passes on the team’s final offensive possession, including a fourth-down throw that would go down as the final offensive play that the Browns ran in a 15-10 loss.

Affter the game, Landry said that “it sucks that I didn’t make those plays when we needed them” and lamented falling short on a day when quarterback Baker Mayfield, wide receiver Odell Beckham, and right tackle Jack Conklin played through injuries.

“Just thinking about this game, I really just go back to two or three plays in this game, myself having an opportunity to make plays and just didn’t,” Landry said, via Dan Labbe of Cleveland.com. “I owe it to my teammates, to all the guys that fought to get back to play, Baker, Odell, Jack, that’s part of it, that’s part of holding up my end of the bargain and making those plays to make sure that we can win this game.”

Mayfield said “there were a lot of throws that could have been made today and there were plays we should have had” while saying blame for the loss didn’t fall entirely on Landry’s shoulders, but every miscue is magnified in such a close loss to a divisional rival.

Jarvis Landry: I had opportunity to make plays and just didn’t originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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