I convinced my roommates to spend 2 nights with me in a tiny home. By the end, we couldn’t wait to have our own rooms back.



The author in front of a tiny house.
  • I spent two nights at WeeCasa Tiny House Resort, one of the world’s largest tiny-home resorts.

  • For $179 a night, I stayed with two friends in a 212-square-foot house at the Colorado resort.

  • The stay was great, but by the end I was happy to head back to a house with a bit more privacy.

Tiny-home villages are popping up all over the country. Just an hour away from my home in Denver is the WeeCasa Tiny House Resort – the world’s largest, according to its website.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Source: WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

In September, I persuaded my roommate and a friend who was staying with us to spend two nights in one of the resort’s small homes.

The three of us in front of our tiny house.

The property in Lyons, Colorado, is made up of 22 rentable tiny houses. Each house has a different builder and designer, so the homes vary in layout, size, and decor.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

The smallest home at the resort is 165 square feet. Its largest sleeps six in 418 square feet.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

I opted to stay in a tiny home called Juniper, a 212-square-foot house that sleeps four people.

The author in front of a WeeCasa tiny house named Juniper, where the author stayed for two nights.

As we were packing the car for the trip, I started to question whether all our luggage would fit into our tiny home.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

But we hoped for the best and piled into my car. In just over an hour, we reached our destination.

The route from Denver, Colorado, to Lyons, Colorado.

A map of the car route from Denver to Lyons, Colorado. Google Maps

After checking in, we drove through the WeeCasa resort. Some homes were colorful with windows while others had a modern flair, and I was surprised by how distinct each tiny home could be.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

After seeing other tiny houses, I debated whether I should have picked a larger one. Would 212 square feet be enough for three people? Would I miss my more spacious home back in Denver?

Juniper, the 212-square-foot house we were staying in.

As we reached the house, I also worried there would be little privacy from our neighbors.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Each home was sandwiched into a plot of land not much bigger than the tiny house itself. If our neighbors were loud, I thought, we’d probably hear them. (Thankfully our neighbors weren’t noisy, but we later heard people walking around outside.)

Arrows show how little space there was between the tiny homes.

We stepped into the tiny house and found there wasn’t much room for privacy inside, either.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Besides the bathroom door, the tiny house was one open room sectioned into a living area, kitchen area, and lofted bedroom space.

Images of the interior of the tiny house.

When you first stepped in, you entered the living-room area, which also functioned as a bedroom for two people.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

The couch was a twin-sized daybed. Underneath was a trundle bed for another person.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Behind the living room and along one wall of the tiny house was a countertop with a stove, toaster, sink, and seating for one person.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Along the opposite wall was a staircase with cubbies for storage.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

In the cubbies there was a minifridge and a microwave.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

At the back of the house, there was a bathroom that fit a standard toilet, sink, and shower.

Side-by-side images of the bathroom.

Above the bathroom and kitchen areas was a lofted bedroom, which had a queen-sized mattress and a small bedside table.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Since the ceiling was slanted, there were parts of the loft where I couldn’t fully sit up, which was fine since I planned to only sleep in the loft.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

You could nearly touch both walls of the tiny house, but it surprisingly didn’t feel cramped. The tall ceilings and ingenious storage hacks helped make Juniper feel much larger than 212 square feet.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

For example, if the trundle bed had been just a centimeter longer, it wouldn’t have fit with the dresser.

An arrow points to how perfectly the trundle and dresser fit in the living area.

Even the dresser was sized for a tiny house.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

And thankfully, all our luggage easily fit into the staircase’s storage space.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

With our luggage stored away, we explored the rest of the resort.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

After a walk on WeeCasa’s property, we made it back to our tiny house just after sunset. Before going to bed, we planned how the three of us were going to work in one space.

The three of us relaxing in the 212-square-foot tiny house.

Back in Denver, we’re fortunate to have ample workspace in our 1,200-square-foot house. The three of us can rotate our work stations among desks, a bar, a dining-room table, and a couch. In the tiny house, options were limited.

At home, I have an entire desk to work from.

Luckily the outdoors could also be our office at WeeCasa.

An arrow points to picnic tables on WeeCasa's property.

We agreed to all split up our workdays at the bar, daybed, and an outside picnic table.

A person could work from the countertop and another from the couch.

After a successful night and workday in the tiny house, we weren’t sick of one another just yet. So we headed into town for dinner.

The author and her two friends exploring Lyons, Colorado.

Lyons’ main street was a five-minute walk away. We loved having access to both nature and a quaint town just a short distance from the tiny-house resort.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

After more time together, we decided it was time for bed. Typically I could scroll on TikTok or turn on a light to read before bed. But at the tiny home, I didn’t want to disturb Ceci or Katie, and a part of me craved some solitude.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

Two nights felt like the ideal amount of time for sharing a tiny house with two friends. By the end of the trip, I was happy to be heading home to my own bed – and a door that I could close.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

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