Husband of woman slugged in NYC slams court system



The husband of a 50-year-old city woman sucker-punched by a deranged homeless man called it an outrage Tuesday that the suspect is still free despite even more than a dozen prior busts.

“When does it stop?” the spouse said, asking that he and his wife, who was punched on the Upper West Side, not be identified.

“You keep giving him more tries so that he finally kills someone, and then you lock him behind bars?

“It’s stupid,” the irate New Yorker said. “It’s broad daylight, 9:20 in the morning, and for someone to just come and punch you, it’s insane. It’s absolutely not acceptable.”

Darrell Johnson, a 23-year-old vagrant, was already free without bail on an earlier assault case when police said he slugged two women, including the 50-year-old victim, in unprovoked, random attacks in Manhattan on Dec. 2.

Johnson was cut loose yet again without bail.

“She was just minding her own business,” the angry husband said of his injured wife. “She wasn’t engaging anybody. It was just crazy.”

The woman was walking her dog on Broadway near West 79th Street when Johnson allegedly came up and punched her.

The slug knocked the woman unconscious for “3 to 4 minutes,” her husband said, fractured a molar, chipped a tooth and pushed some of her front teeth in.

St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital
Both of the women assaulted were treated at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital and released.
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Police sources said the woman suffered a “disfiguring laceration” to her face.

“She needed stitches on her lips and cheek,” her husband told The Post. “Her face is swollen and eyes are partially shut.”

“It’s going to be a while before she recovers, but she’s a trouper,” he added. “She’s staying positive. I’m pretty angry that a guy like this was out on the loose.”

Just minutes after the first attack, Johnson allegedly punched another woman a block away, causing “redness and swelling” to the 32-year-old victim’s face, records show.

The second victim’s family declined to comment on the attack Tuesday.

Both women were treated at St. Luke’s Hospital and released.

In court Friday, Manhattan prosecutors asked that Johnson be released under supervision, which the judge agreed to. None of the charges against Johnson were eligible for a bail requirement under the state’s controversial bail reform statutes, a rep for the office said.

Johnson, whose rap sheet dates to 2014, already has a pending assault case from Aug. 3, 2020, when he allegedly punched and stomped another man in Harlem.

He was free without bail in that case at the time of last week’s Upper West Side attacks.

“He’s out loose,” the 50-year-old victim’s husband said. “He’s going to do this to somebody else. People can hide under the technicalities of ‘what is the severity of the offense?’ But it’s crazy that you can link all these incidents to one person and say, ‘Hey, this is a seriously disturbed human being who is causing all this harm.’ “

New York Defender Services, which represents Johnson, has declined to comment.


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