How to become a perfect nanny?


In the modern world, parents don’t have enough time to fully balance work and childcare.

The decree usually does not last more than three weeks, the grandparents do not always manage to devote the time to the child. So the parents decide to ask nanny for help.

The job of nanny is very specific. In fact, a nanny is a person who replaces parents in their absence. The person who consoles love for children with perseverance and gentleness is able to be a good nanny.

A very important point is that the nanny must be able to establish contact with a child and his parents. Parents should trust this person – the child’s development depends directly on the relationship between the child and the nanny. And the child himself must not feel uncomfortable with her.

What are the qualities of the perfect nanny?

• Love children. It is impossible to access this profession without love for children.

• Neat and meticulous. The employer’s decision necessarily depends on appearance. A little makeup, clean clothes – that’s what is expected of the candidate.

• Gentile. The nanny must be charming and in a good mood.

• Cultivated and educated. A nanny should speak well, be ready to answer a child’s questions and participate in their development.

• Punctual, responsible. The nanny cannot be late and must have an excellent memory. Everything that is requested by parents must be carried out. The health and life of the baby depends on it.

• Reliable. Everything that happens in the home must stay in the home.

If the person meets these criteria they may be able to find a job. But depending on the child’s age and the conditions written into the contract by the parents, she must be mentally and physically ready to take on the following responsibilities:

• Prepare a meal, walk with the child and put him to bed
• Read books to him, develop the baby in a creative way (pottery, drawing, etc.)
• Ensure the health of the child
• Wash and iron clothes
• To do the housework
• Buy the products
• Help with homework

Can you learn to be a baby-sitter?

The more educated the person, the more job offers they will have, in any case.
Teacher training is obviously a big plus, but sometimes parents don’t pay attention to this fact.

In the absence of special education, one can take special courses. These classes can teach you how to take care of a baby, provide medical help, prepare a special menu, control the behavior of the child, etc.

In addition, a lot of additional information can be found on the Internet which is free.

Where can you find a nanny job?

There are three variations:

• The agency – this is the most popular way, because it is the agents who look for the family for the babysitter, but you have to match their requirements
• Job search sites – these sites have many nanny job openings, but you have to be very careful with these to find the one that is really right for you.
• Ask relatives – many families are looking for a nanny that you can trust and the person you know is always the perfect variant, but the conditions and requirements will have to be well defined.

In conclusion the most important condition for the babysitter is patience – to find the suitable family and then to find a common understanding with the child.