How Much Money Will Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Make for Their Exhibition Fight?

How Much Money Will Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Make for Their Exhibition Fight?

The ongoing news regarding the new rules of the ‘Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.’ fight has disheartened a bunch of combat fans. People who were expecting to witness an all-out assault from the former champions will now have to witness a sparring exhibition on November 28.

However, nothing changes in terms of money as Mike Tyson is still set to bag a cool $10 million from the bout and Roy Jones Jr. will receive somewhere around $3 million. The amounts are still to be disclosed officially, but boxing reporter Kevin Iole has already shed light on it.

Earlier, TV anchor Jimmy Kimmel quizzed ‘Iron’ Mike about receiving a similar amount in his talk show, but ‘Iron’ avoided the answer and claimed to know nothing about it. While Iole’s tweet has already garnered several eyeballs, it seems that amount is valid.

Although the event is primarily being hosted for charitable purposes, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will secure huge paydays by locking horns against each other.

Meanwhile, there will be several other fights happening on the undercard. Thus, it is set to be a successful event for Tyson and his ‘Legend Only League’ venture.

What to expect from Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr?

When the fantasy matchup was initially touted, fight fans poured all their support towards it. WBC also decided to put a Frontline belt at stake, especially for the event. However, it seems that neither party would depart with the belt.

As per the new rules, there will be no knockouts and no winners in the fight. If either side sustains any injury or cut, the fight will immediately be stopped. Not only that, but each round will last for just two minutes. Thus, it will give Tyson and Roy a total fight-time of 16 minutes inside the ring.

The fact that it is a sparring exhibition and not a fight which has broken several hearts all over the world. But, looking at the former champions’ age, it seems valid and legitimate to enforce these specific rules for their return. The exhibition clash will be available on BT Sport, FITE tv, and Tyson on triller.

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